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Ep. 5 w/ STAR Rehab and Serenity Yoga

This week on Innovative Health Radio, Kelsey Koch with Serenity Yoga and Sophia Bong of STAR Rehab and The Guiding Star Foundation sit in with your hosts Kristen Wolosonowich, Christi Marshall, and Abby Rhoades. LISTEN: Ep. 4 w/ Strong Heart Drum Medicine LISTEN ➝ Ep....

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Ep. 4 w/ Strong Heart Drum Medicine

Ool Pardi and Kellie Buckley of Strong Heart Drum Medicine share their passion for drumming, Innovative Health Magazine‘s publisher Karen Smith sits in for a discussion on past life regressions therapy and advanced technology in the doctor’s office,...

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Ep. 3 w/ Ron Griffin and Soul Oasis Spa

In light of recent events in the country, we bring in retired cop Ron Griffin to discuss the controversy around gun regulations. Then the show is wrapped up with representatives from Soul Oasis to dish on the variety of services they provide for awakening your mind,...

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Ep. 2 w/ John Prosser and Dr. Paschket

On Valentine’s Day, we brought in John Prosser, President of NeuroTrama Association and a big advocate for Michigan’s unique auto no-fault policy and Dr. Paschket of Paschket Chiropractor Clinic. In the spirit of the day, Christi Marshall brings in her...

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Ep. 1 w/ Flint’s Best Dressed

For our inaugural show, we brought in two of 2017’s Flint’s Best Dressed and got the dish on Anthony Strozier and Dale Weighill–including some exciting news for Mott Community College and John Wentworth Real Estate Group! LISTEN: Ep. 4 w/ Strong...

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